Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fried Pickles

Okay, I'm a little scattered going from fresh mozzarella cheese to fried pickles a decidedly southern treat, but what the hell.

I've eaten fried pickles in restaurants, but have never tried to make them. Until this week. My daughter wanted to try them, so off I went to the grocery store to pick up pickles.  I followed a recipe I found online at Moore Babies Blog

They tasted great - there was a salty, sour and spicy mix that was great with the dipping sauce.  I also like how they were oven baked instead of fried.

A few things I would do differently - use larger dill pickles, mine were too small. Also, since the recipe calls for Panko bread crumbs, I would grind then a little finer. Some people use corn meal which works nicely, as well.

Overall, those who were adventurous enough to try them, liked them!

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