Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Cooking

Today I made a pumpkin soup that we loving call Harvest Time Soup. This is a family favorite and really takes advantage of fall veggies. You can purchase a cooking pumpkin, bake and remove the flesh to add to the soup. I've done this before, but the cooking pumpkins are not always available. So, to create the texture of pumpkin, I mix in butternut squash with canned pure, pumpkin puree. The soup can be rich and if you want to reduce the calories, you can saute the shallots in olive or vegetable oil, use evaporated milk instead of cream, and use turkey bacon (not a fav of the family). So tonight we will sit down to a hearty soup (perfect for this time of year), with a crusty Italian bread and salad. Yummmmm!

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