Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bouquet of Wooden Spoons

I did some baking this weekend-banana bread, squash casserole, and tomorrow an apple pie. As I was mashing really ripe bananas with a wooden fork, but couldn't help but look at my bouquet of wooden spoons.  I love wooden utensils.  There is something about the touch of the wood beneath my fingers and how they do not burn you when you are cooking over a hot stove.  I keep them in a Peruvian water picture that is a family piece and makes a great holder for all of the spoons. 

Every where I go that has a home section, I look for wooden spoons.  I have bamboo, olive tree, cherry, and oak.  They come from all over, the latest (the honey dipper) is from the country of Greece and is made from an olive tree.  Every once in a while I take the time to oil them so they don't split and become brittle, but I do admit to throwing them into the dishwasher when I'm pressed for time.

What's your favorite cooking tool? 

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