Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I tend to go overboard when buying cookbooks. I have several, have been gifted many, and now with the Internet, I can search all over for recipes.  I have my mother's original Betty Crocker Cookbook. It's a classic that I reference it all of the time. My favorite Christmas cookie cookbook was a gift from a friend when I moved from Michigan (and away from our annual Christmas cookie baking spree). I love popular cookbooks as well.  Recent purchases are the latest Pioneer Woman and Theresa from Jersey Housewives (I know, but there are some great recipes!).

Many of the books are covered with food and pages are dog eared, but I love them.  I've recently started using my iPad, but I worry about spilling on it, so I'm very careful. I also subscribe to Martha Stewart Everyday and Bon Appetit Magazine. Truly, any where I can find recipes is great. In fact, my recipe book is bulging with paper, torn out recipes, and pieces of packaging that bears recipes. I have to rubber band it shut and I'm worried many will be lost. Hence, my cooking blog.

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